Hundreds of organizations endorse the civil society Benchmark for the Millennium Summit+5

Last June 23 the General Assembly of the United Nations held hearings with NGOs, civil society organizations and the private sector, in preparation of the Millennium Summit+5 that will take place in September 2005.

Poverty, Human Rights and Security will be discussed by the heads of State and government of the world. Yet there are very limited opportunities for citizens to express themselves in this process. We need to make our voices heard.

Ten years ago, when the Social Summit and the Beijing Conference on Women took place, more than a thousand organizations signed a quality benchmark document. That coming together of groups from diverse origins around a common platform, along with other mobilization efforts, contributed to the success of those international meetings. Collectively we can do that again in 2005.

A similarly inspired document was initially discussed during a strategy debate among Social Watch national coalitions and was later shared and consulted with other networks. The intention is to disseminate it widely during the NGO hearings next June 23 and from then on use it as an advocacy tool in the process towards the Summit in September. It will not be distributed under an organizational letterhead but as a position shared by all signatories.

Please read the Benchmark document.

See or download the Benchmark document (Word format)

See or download the Benchmark document (PDF format)

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