Chile not only has one of the most unequal distributions of income in the world, but is also highly dependent on the export of prime materials, putting it at the mercy of fluctuations in international markets. However, the Government’s only development strategy is to facilitate conditions for the expansion of capital and investment in natural resource exploitation. This includes tax incentives for private mining enterprises in an already regressive taxation system. The top priority should be a development strategy that allows wealth to be redistributed in a more equitable way. To do this the country must first completely overhaul its unjust tax system.
While recession and unemployment advance, pension funds are depleted and income drops, the Government puts pressure on wages in order to expand the economy. The unions and civil society propose other solutions: workers defend their wages, rights, funds and the right to decent work for all, and NGOs stress the need to build together an economy that prioritizes people and the planet.
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