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A group of Lebanese CSOs will deliver to Kofi Annan, UN General Secretary, a letter during his visit to Lebanon and the region.

Amnesty International published findings that point to an Israeli policy of deliberate destruction of Lebanese civilian infrastructure, which included war crimes, during the recent conflict.

Let us imagine that we are having tea on a sunny day with our neighbours.

Press release issued by Human Rights Watch on July 30, 2006. It calls on the UN to establish an international commission of inquiry and states that Israel’s consistent failure to distinguish combatants and civilians is a war crime. Please note that we will be releasing an extensive report documenting civilian casualties in Lebanon from IDF attacks over the first two week's of the conflict this Tuesday or Wednesday.

Geneva, 4 October 2005. A recent research project coordinated by the World Organisation Against Torture (OMCT) with the support of the Geneva International Academic Network (RUIG-GIAN) concludes that individuals are often victims of torture, ill- treatment, forced disappearances and summary executions because they are poor.

Kanaga Raja

Geneva, 30 Mar (Kanaga Raja) -- Homelessness is perhaps the most visible and most severe symptom of the lack of respect for the right to adequate housing, according to the UN Special Rapporteur on the Right to Adequate Housing Miloon Kothari.

By Sanjay Suri

LONDON, Mar 15 (IPS) - A majority of British MPs have signed up for a resolution to make poverty history -- but not voted to take action on it. Their support comes through a parliamentary resolution that does not arise from within the parliament chamber. It comes by way of signing up to what is known as an Early Day Motion (EDM). Copies of the motion are placed in the House of Commons for MPs to sign up to, in the knowledge that these are not likely to be debated within Parliament. No EDM this year has drawn as much support as EDM number 9 tabled by Labour MP Julia Drown.

The evident and systematic violation of the right to health by the Argentinian Government, which is clearly shown in the collapse of the health system, was reported by several health institutions before the OAS Inter-American Commission of Human Rights.


While the government of Peru cuts down the state aid to the HIV-AIDS patients, the civil society gets together to fight against the disease. Alone and United (Solas y Unidas) is an organization focusing exclusively on infected women. It was established after the women themselves verified that not only their needs but mainly their attitudes towards the disease were different.

Mario Osava

The southern Brazilian city of Porto Alegre this month will serve, once again, as the global capital of indignation and of dreams as it hosts the World Social Forum, Jan 23-28, which in its third year will be the largest and most diverse so far. The organisers of this major annual gathering of social movements, non-governmental organisations, intellectuals and leftist groups seeking a better possible world predict that this year's attendance will reach 100,000, double that of 2002.



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