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Junio de 2004 

Molly Slothower

Learning from Successful Experiences – Summary of the Analysis of Four Case Studies from the Social Watch National Coalitions, a qualitative study of successful factors and best practices of four different Social Watch coalitions, is now available on the Social Watch website.  This publication was developed as part of the European-Union funded project “Promoting Social Development – Building Capacities of Social Watch Coalitions”, and aims to facilitate the sharing of experiences, know-how transfer and capacity-building of national groups within the global Social Watch network.

The event to take place on 20 June in New York will bring together people from the South and the North, from the US and abroad, women and men, workers and unemployed on the eve of the UN Summit Conference on the Economic and Financial Crisis.

The 10 Days of Action: Countdown to Commitments is a mobilization tool to help raise awareness, build momentum and deliver key civil society messaging around the UN Conference on the Financial and Economic Crisis and its Impact on Development, scheduled for 24 – 26 June, 2009, at the UN Headquarters in New York City. The 10 Days of Action would be launched as a virtual action on Tuesday, 16 June, the Global Day of the African Child, which would serve as a bookend to the ten days, and culminate on the closing day of the UN Conference, 26 June. A daily notice would be disseminated widely through the main information listservs.

Comparative tables and graphs on how are countries performing towards the internationally agreed social development targets and goals

This month´s “Spotlight On…” column will profile Social Watch Benin, currently one of the most vibrant groups of Watchers in francophone Africa. As a signal of its success, the Beninese coalition was featured as one of the case studies in the new Social Watch publication “Learning from Successful Experiences”, and in addition will play host to the next meeting of the Social Watch Coordinating Committee, programmed for July 17-19 in Cotonou.

By Haifa Jedea
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