Globalization and the rule of law: Social Watch India's contribution to the subject

Social Watch India released the first perspective paper on “Law Under Globalization” which provides an insight into recent trends in both law making processes and judicial behaviour, with a stress on how the logic and instruments of globalization are directly affecting the rule of law.

Therelease was followed by a panel discussion on the subject, attended by the notedIndian opinion maker and practitioner on judiciary Prof. N.R. Madhava Menon, byMember of Parliament Dr. E.M.S Natchiappan and by some noted academicians. Itwas held on August 16th, 2008 at IndiaInternational Centre, New Delhi, India.

The Social Watch Coalition, which has been preparing Social Watch reports for the last several years, is now embarked in a new project of “Occasional papers”. These papers analyze critical issues in the development agenda, thereby promoting informed public discourse and better governance.

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Assessing ‘Donor Supported’ Law Making and Judicial Behaviour in IndiaVideh Upadhyay - Social Watch India