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The report of the Social Watch concerning gender equality concerns itself with two of the most serious issues of today – firstly, the feminization of poverty (the status of single mothers and female pensioners) and secondly, the violence suffered by women and migrants. These two issues are also part of the list of the SDG (Sustainable Development Goals) – specifically, goal 1, ending poverty and goal 5, gender equality.

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El informe anual de la plataforma 2015 y más ofrece una reflexión sobre la agenda global de desarrollo en un contexto marcado por el paso de la agenda de los objetivos de desarrollo del milenio a la nueva agenda de desarrollo 2030.

Breaking Through to Sustainability

By Isagani Serrano

Social Watch Philippines, 2014.

“Gujarat Social Watch Report 2014”

Assessment of National Green Tribunal

Social Watch India, 2014

Post-2015 and the Poison Threads – Shift the Gaze

In this paper Amitabh Behar talks about the ‘golden threads’ of global development versus the ‘poison threads‘, the latter according to Behar are the real causes of endemic poverty, growing inequality and exclusion.

‘The global leadership and the UN face the sizable challenge of making a historic choice between continuing the legacy and hegemony of neoliberalism or of weaving together a “new deal” which is truly transformative and puts the poor and ordinary citizens at the center’, says Behar in the paper.

The paper is available here.

Social Watch India, 2014.



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