Act now to meet the post-Copenhagen climate emergency!

Two months have gone by since the Copenhagen Climate Conference that ended in failure. Through an undemocratic and non transparent process, the Copenhagen Accord was produced which was not adopted by the Conference, but only taken note of.

We are of the view that the time has now come for civil society groups and social movements to make their views known on the process and outcomes of the Copenhagen Conference.

The attached statement articulates this outrage felt by civil society and social movements and points out the flaws of the Accord as well as what needs to be done to savlage the situation and prevent climate injustice. Negotiations are expected to resume in April this year and our urgent intervention is now needed.

We hope very much that your organisation can sign on to this satement and we also hope that you can circulate this widely to other organisations, networks and movements as need to mobilise hundreds of groups at this critical juncture.

We hope to distribute this joint sign on statement to government delegations involved in climate negotiations as well as to the media so that our demands are made known and visible. We hope that your organisation can also do the same.

We seek your kind cooperation and solidarity in this regard and hope that your organisation can sign-on to the letter.

We are also making efforts to circulate this in other languages as well.

Please state the name of your organisation and country your organisation is based in.


Joint Statement of Civil Society and Social Movements