Social Watch strategy session: Economic crisis and opportunities to put people first

Source: US Social Forum
Social Watch organized the strategy session "Economic crisis and opportunities to put people first at home and abroad" to identify emerging opportunities to address the economic and financial crisis in ways that advance human rights, social and economic justice and bridge the domestic and international contexts. The event that took place on 24 June 2010 was part of activities within the US Social Forum held in Detroit. 

Social Watch works to hold governments, the UN system and multi-lateral organizations accountable to their international human rights, poverty eradication and gender justice obligations at home and abroad. Tanya Dawkins from the Global-Local Links Project and also co-chair of the Social Watch Coordinating Committee, joined forces with Social Watch and Foreign Policy in Focus to organize the meeting that brought experience, ideas and vision to help inform Social Watch's agenda for the coming months and years. Learn more about the event