Since 1995 Social Watch has presented a summary of the situation of countries in relation to the 2000 targets set as part of the commitments assumed by governments at the World Summit for Social Development in Copenhagen and the Fourth World Conference on Women in Beijing, and in relation to the goals set for the year 2015 in the Millennium Declaration. For this edition we have developed a monitoring strategy by thematic area that incorporates and consolidates the dimensions of analysis relating to development and human security, in line with the approaches defined at the international summit meetings.


Shows the average rate of progress or regression over the period for each thematic area. This is calculated on the basis of the rates of change in the indicators for which each country has available information. The direction and length of the arrows indicate whether the country has progressed or regressed slightly or significantly over the period in relation to its present situation. The graphs include only those countries experiencing greater progress (i.e., countries, for which data are complete, with a greater rate of progress over the period in each thematic area) and greater regression (i.e., countries with a greater rate of regression over the period in each thematic area, for which data are available for at least one indicator).
The four categories of present situation in relation to which each country has progressed or regressed are calculated on the basis of the average of the present situation for the indicators in each thematic area.
Countries lacking sufficient data to be included in the present situation ranking by area, have been ranked on the basis of the average of the present situation in those indicator(s) for which information is available, in order to include them in the graph.

A table, with countries ranked according to their position on the Quality of Life Index (QLI), which shows their present situation in each of the Social Watch thematic areas. The QLI is a summary index constructed from three component indicators (Under-5 mortality rate, Children reaching 5th grade in primary school and Estimated low birth weight) which has a high degree of correlation with the usual ranking that Social Watch builds from the averages for the thematic areas. The QLI, based on capabilities, is a sensitive measure of critical situations relating to welfare and poverty. However, it is not sensitive enough to identify subtle differences between countries occupying places higher up on the ranking.
This index allows us not only to rank countries according to their present situation, but also to monitor their evolution.

General classification of countries: situation by thematic area and Quality of Life Index (QLI)
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Combines the three dimensions Social Watch has selected to monitor gender equity. For each dimension presented in the table countries are assigned one of the four categories relating to present situation. The position of countries in the ranking was determined by calculating the unweighted average of their values in all three dimensions before being categorised according to present situation.

Country gender ranking
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