Take action to demand a rights-based solution to the financial and economic crisis!

Kashmir, India 2008. Photo by John Isaac - UN Photo

From June 24-26, 2009, the historic UN Conference on the Financial and Economic Crisis and its Impacts on Development took place in New York, marking the first opportunity since the global implosion of the financial markets in September of 2008 in which all countries - notwithstanding their geopolitical importance or size of their economies - could participate in the search for a global solution to what is truly a global crisis.

Civil society in general – including Social Watch and many Social Watch national coalitions - played a crucial part in drawing public attention to the Conference and in advocating for a consensus outcome that clearly identified the causes and impacts of the crisis and that would provide a framework for this UN-based process to continue.  Find out more about the results of this Conference and what you can do to help strengthen the ongoing follow-up mechanisms at the websites below:

Official UN Website on the Conference: http://www.un.org/ga/econcrisissummit/

To access the complete text of the UN Conference outcome document, see: www.un.org/ga/search/view_doc.asp?symbol=A/RES/63/303&Lang=E

For information on civil society engagement at the UN Conference and beyond, see:
Global Social Economy Group: http://www.ffdngo.org/
10 Days of Action-Countdown to Commitments: http://tendays.socialwatch.org/

For civil society commentaries and analysis on the financial and economic crisis, see:
IFIWatchNet: http://www.ifiwatchnet.org
Rethinking Finance – Alternative voices for a new financial architecture: http://rethinkingfinance.org/
Casino Crash – Critical thinking on the financial and economic crisis: http://casinocrash.org/