Yemeni Forces Killed Dozens of Young People

Source: Human Rights Information and Training Center

Dozens of common citizens have been killed by Yemeni forces since the Youth Revolution broke out in February 11, according to the Human Rights Information and Training Center, national focal point of Social Watch in this arab country.

The Human Rights Information and Training Center, one of the main civil society organisations of Yemen, made a detailed account of the Youth Revolution that began there last month. Abstracts:

“Youth Revolution broke out in February 11, 2011 after the fall of the regime of Egyptian President Hosni Mubarak. Young people in Taiz, Sana'a and Aden came out to the streets to celebrate the revolution of Egypt and asked for the departure of Yemeni President Ali Saleh. A group of young activists had taken the streets of Taiz on February 8 to demand Saleh’s resignation.

“Since the early days, the clashes in Sana'a between supporters of Yemeni president and the protesters resulted in injuries

“Clashes broke out in February 12 between youth protesters and thugs in Taiz. Thirty people suffered injuries and 150 were arrested. They were later released thanks to the action of a group of lawyers.

“In February 18, a bomb was thrown to demonstrators in the Freedom Square, in Taiz city. One person was killed and 86 were wounded.

 “In Sana'a, March 13, one person was killed and dozens suffered injuries when gunmen and security officers in civilian clothes opened fire and threw toxic gases against the protest.

“That same day, in the Almafer district of Taiz, at least six people resulted seriously injured after clashes between thugs and youth.

“In March 18 in Sana’a, 52 demonstrators were killed and hundreds suffered injuries by the bullets shot in the head, neck and chest by high skilled snipers, and another 35 people were killed by the police in the districts of Almoala, Dar Saad, Mansoura and Sheikh Othman in Aden.

“Government forces shot dead at least another 15 people, and more than 15 were injured in Alhohaida City when security forces opened fire to disperse a protest.

“In March 17, 150 people were injured in Sana’a in a bloody confrontation between protesters and security troops.

“In March 9, 16 and 18, another 57 people were killed by thugs and security troops in Alhodaida, and some 300 suffered injuries in that city attacked by thugs of the ruling party and security troops who used batons, stones and tear gas.

“According to a child rights organisation, 19 children were shot dead by supporters of Saleh and other 18 were injured.”