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The Polycentric World Social Forum 2006 will be held in Bamako (Malí) and in Caracas (Venezuela) in January 2006. The WSF in Karachi (Pakistan) was postponed.

Social Watch will hold the following activities in the II Foro Social de las Américas and VI Polycentric World Social Forum to be held in Caracas, Venezuela, from January 24 to 29, 2006.

Endorsed by 28 organizations, the German Social Watch Report 2005 was launched in Bonn last October 21.

Several NGOs attending the Hong Kong Ministerial are taking the initiative of a joint NGO statement expressing our concerns about the negotiations in which the developed countries are intent on piling pressure on developing countries to accept extreme liberalization policies. The current proposals of developed countries particularly on NAMA, Services and Agriculture, do not have development content and are in fact anti-developmental.

Jens Martens (Global Policy Forum Europe, Germany) explores which topics will define the development agenda in the coming years and where public pressure and critical monitoring by civil society is particularly necessary.

Francisco Yofre

More than 25 civil society organisations from Latin America participated in the programme on economic, social and cultural rights (ESCR) organised by Social Watch and Dignity International and held in Colonia del Sacramento, Uruguay from 7 to 15 November 2005.

Social Watch Philippines launched the Social Watch Philippines 2005 Report “Race for Survival Hurdles on the road to meeting the MDGs in 2015” and the Social Watch Annual Report 2005 “Roars and Whispers. Gender and poverty: promises vs. action” last September 8, 2005.

Prof. Leonor Briones of Social Watch, a member of the International Facilitating Group on Financing for Development (IFG), and a GCAP partner, presented her statement on behalf of NGOs and civil society at the Financing for Development Segment of the UN World Summit on September 14, 2005.

Last June 23 the General Assembly of the United Nations held hearings with NGOs, civil society organizations and the private sector, in preparation of the Millennium Summit+5 that will take place in September 2005.

Poverty, Human Rights and Security will be discussed by the heads of State and government of the world. Yet there are very limited opportunities for citizens to express themselves in this process. We need to make our voices heard.

Social Watch will launch its Annual Report 2005 this 14 September in New York. “Roars and Whispers. Gender and Poverty: Promises vs. Action” presents two new indexes to measure social development, and concludes that the targets set for 2015 as part of the Millennium Development Goals (MDGs) will not be met.

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